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Handmade really is best!

So welcome to the world of handmade! It’s a place where ideas & designs come to life. 

Having a creative background makes it a lot easier for the ideas to flow, however, from an obsessed learner & being self taught in the jewellery world, I really have enjoyed the challenges that handmade brings.

Working with customers on designs making the piece bespoke is like a dream!

When you have something handmade it’s so much more personal. You know it will have been lovingly made to perfection.

Being a perfectionist at heart, I never let anything leave Lexico HQ unless I am 100% happy with it.

The real challenge for this has been my hand stamped range. As each letter, number, symbol or image is hand stamped, this can take some time and different stamps require different pressure with each hit of the hammer.

My favourite are the rings, as these have to be bashed into shape around a mandrel.....this is always fun!

I first started this range in January 2016 and I’ve never looked back! The best decision ever as this has proved to be my best selling range! From jewellery to key rings & plaques to bottle openers.... there is a gift idea for everyone.

Check out some of the images in my shop to see the different designs.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my blog, Laura Xx 

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